Deliver a Future

When you subscribe to Kai-Viti’s Home Delivery program, you are not just meeting your own need for high-quality, great-tasting, natural artesian water- you are joining Kai-Viti in our commitment to break cycles of poverty in Fiji by providing a quality education to a child who would otherwise go without. This gift of education can change that child’s future!

  • 1 Case
    Per Month

    Kai-Viti will provide the following to a needy child in Fiji:

    • School uniforms: In Fiji, children are required to come to school in a uniform. Providing new school uniforms enables children to attend school and brings self-confidence to students.

    • School supplies: (notebooks, pencils, etc.): Families must provide school supplies in order for their child to attend school. Meeting this requirement not only allows a child to attend school, but also provides the tools needed to succeed while in the classroom, all year long.

    The cost of these two items, while modest to some, is not affordable for many families in Fiji which results in children not attending school. You can change this for a child by subscribing to a monthly delivery of our bottled water.

  • 2 Cases
    Per Month

    Kai-Viti will provide the following to a needy child in Fiji:

    • Shoes: We observe that nearly half of the students in our area come to school without shoes. This is not because Fiji is a tropical island and has a casual culture. It is because, to many families, providing shoes for their children is not within their means. For many well-documented reasons, providing shoes to children significantly increases their wellbeing.

    • Prepared lunch: Lack of food is a common reason for children in Fiji to not attend school. Even among those who do get to attend school, many are not sent with food to eat during the day because of the family’s poverty. A guaranteed meal during the school day gets kids to come to school and provides them with the fuel to concentrate and do well in school.

    • Clean water: At many schools, the infrastructure has deteriorated and clean water is not readily available. Occasional water deliveries from the government are not sufficient to provide students with clean drinking water, and to accommodate the restrooms and other facilities needed at a school.

    Shoes, food and clean water for children allow them to attend school and have their basic needs met so that they can benefit from the education given to them. You can guarantee that a student has access to these necessities for the entire school year by subscribing to receive two cases of our bottled water per month.



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