Kai-Viti got its unofficial start in February 2008 when Irshad first took his friend Paul to his home-country of Fiji. It didn’t take much arm-twisting to get Paul to come to Fiji: it was a wet and cold winter in the U.S. and Paul welcomed the beautiful and temperate climate of this tropical paradise. Paul immediately fell in love with the warm people and beautiful islands that make Fiji special.

While in Fiji, Irshad and Paul discussed Irshad’s desire to start a business in Fiji. He wanted this to be a vehicle to make a positive impact in his community. They discussed several interesting opportunities, and also began to entertain the possibility of working together. The idea of working with a friend and working in the gorgeous welcoming country of Fiji was too good to pass up.

One day during the trip, while at Irshad’s family-owned 25-acre property, discussions centered around the novelty that a particular area of the property was always lush with vegetation. No matter what season it was, or how much rain had fallen, this area remained green. Animals came to graze there from all over. This was a well-know phenomenon in the area for generations.

Irshad and Paul’s entrepreneurial wheels started turning; they called in experts. When the “expert” showed up the next day, he pulled a Y-shaped branch from the nearby guava tree and went to work. The expert definitively declared that there were numerous aquifers located under the property and marked the spots. Irshad and Paul were skeptical of the use of a so-called “divining rod,” until the next day when the drilling company showed up. They discovered unbelievable amounts of fresh, pure and great-tasting water. That day, a new business was born!

“Paul & Irshad meet with Fiji’s Prime Minister to discuss their new bottled water project”

 After completing environmental impact studies and receiving government agency approvals, construction of the bottling facility began. We commenced bottling operations in the middle of 2010 and since then our company has continued to grow. We make bottled water for sale in Fiji and export it around the world.

“Paul & Irshad introduce Kai-Viti to the U.S. at the Expo West natural foods show"



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