We are taking two Kai-Viti fans to Fiji and it just might be you. Help us get 40 more needy children in Fiji to school by either subscribing to our home delivery service or promoting this initiative.On the day we reach 40 more subscribers (helping 40 more children), we'll select a winner.

There are two ways to enter! Participate by subscribing ( or by sharing our recent post on Facebook, tagging three friends and liking our page.If you do both, you'll be entered twice.

Here at Kai-Viti we are passionate about the beauty, purity, happiness and hospitality that Fiji offers. We’re also passionate about our water, our bottling facility and our community involvement. We want our customers to experience the luxury of Fiji and our water first hand. We think you deserve it, and we know you will love it just as much as we do.

So, throughout the year we give away trips to visit the Kai-Viti headquarters in Fiji (and of course explore and enjoy the rest of Fiji!).

These trips include free airfare and accommodations, a tour of our bottling facility and some ideas from us how to most enjoy your time in Fiji.

Make sure you are following us on social media (or sign up for email alerts) so you don’t miss your next opportunity to enter and win!



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