Our pure artesian water comes from a naturally protected aquifer deep underground and is bottled at the source in Fiji. Each bottle is handled with care and sent to you with the friendliness that Fijians are known for.

Subscribe to Regular Delivery ! When you subscribe to Kai-Viti’s Home Delivery program, you are not just meeting your own need for high-quality, great-tasting, natural artesian water- you are joining Kai-Viti in our commitment to break cycles of poverty in Fiji by providing a quality education to a child who would otherwise go without. This gift of education can change that child’s future! Click here for more info about how your subscription helps.

Which Size Fits Your Needs?  For “life on the go”, our 500ml size is perfect to bring in the car, throw in your purse and take with you on your daily adventures. At home, work or during that especially long exercise session we recommend our 1 liter size.

How Much is Shipping? All cases are shipped from Fiji and are delivered directly to your front door for FREE.

Can I Change My Subscription? Yes! You can login to your account online and adjust the frequency, volume, or even cancel our subscription at any time.

Packaging? Our bottles are made with fully recyclable PET, which is also BPA free.



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