Since the start of our company, environmental responsibility has been important to us. After all, there is nothing more natural than our product. We don’t add or subtract anything from our water, and we plan to keep it that way. We have a strong incentive to protect our environment & we work hard to do so.

Bottled with Renewable Energy – We are very proud that Kai-VIti Water is bottled with renewable energy. We’re not aware of any other bottled water company that can make that claim and we are excited to be trend setters in our industry in this regard.

Fiji happens to be a leader in renewable energy. The Fiji Electric Authority (FEA) has a near-term goal of generating 90% of its energy with renewable sources. Fiji’s vast rivers and mountainous regions make hydroelectricity the ideal renewable resource for Fiji. The FEA also generates energy through wind turbines. Currently more than half of its electricity is generated with renewable energy and the FEA in the coming years will generate an astounding 90% of its production through renewable energy sources upon completion of projects that are in process.

Although the FEA did not service our location when we started this project, we invested in bringing the infrastructure to our facility and now all of our operations are powered by the wonderful renewable energy of the Fiji Electric Authority. The long-term environmental payoff of using renewable energy is well worth the investment. It’s much better than using diesel generators or other solutions available to operations in remote locations.

Recycling – The single most environmentally responsible action that can be taken with regards to our product is to recycle the bottle after drinking the water. This decision ultimately is made by our customers, but we think that through education and incentives we can influence this decision. In Fiji, it is not the norm to recycle and we are working to change that.

Continues Improvement Efforts– We are continually evaluating opportunities to lower our overall environmental impact. These efforts are primarily centered around our facility (e.g. solar), product packaging (e.g. “light-weighting” our bottles), procurement (e.g. sourcing locally) and transportation (e.g. efficient delivery to our customers).



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