Kai-Viti was founded on the premise that a responsible business can make a meaningful and positive impact in its community.  This shared value of our founders has been demonstrated since the inception of Kai-Viti Water in various ways. Our commitment to the community in which we are located is one of the things that sets us apart.

Here at Kai-Viti, we believe that true luxury shouldn’t come at the expense of others, or at the expense of our world’s resources. Instead, it should leave others and the world better off than they would be otherwise. Kai-Viti is committed to being a positive influence in our community and a good steward of the world’s resources.

Our Kai-Viti Cares philosophy means that everything we do as a business, from who we hire, to how we relate with our neighbors, to how we spend our profits, is done in a thoughtful way with our core values in mind. Explore our work below to see some of the ways your support of Kai-Viti Water benefits others, and feel good about the water you are drinking!

Fiji is a developing country, and has many basic needs that need to be met. Opportunities exist in the areas of education, healthcare, economic development and infrastructure. We have, and will continue to invest proceeds from the sale of our bottles to meet these needs.



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