Here at Kai-Viti, we are proud to share with you the awe-inspiring beauty of the Fiji islands and the people who make this place so special. To be happy, healthy, and present is the essence and the gift of the Fijian people who are known the world over as some of the happiest people around. Fijians embrace and embody the spirit of “Bula” (a greeting and blessing of health, happiness, and well-being heard all over Fiji).

Each bottle of Kai-Viti water is handled with care and bottled with renewable energy, but most importantly, sent to you with the friendliness that Fijians are known for. It is our hope that the beauty of each bottle and the pure, crisp taste of the water inspires you toward a life that is steeped in gratitude and measured by the smile on your face.

We consider Phillipa Steele (our brand ambassador) to be the epitome of what is special and beautiful about Fijian culture. Raised in Kulu Kulu, she is a village girl at heart. From a large family, she is the first international model from Fiji Islands. And while that role has taken her all around the globe, she is most comfortable back home in her beloved home country with her family and friends. It was an easy decision to partner with her when we realized what we have in common - we care first and foremost about the people and future of Fiji.



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