Our Country: Fiji

Fiji is a group of 333 islands located in the South Pacific. The islands were formed through volcanic activity that began over 150 million years ago. Most of the islands are still uninhabited to this day. Not only is Fiji relatively desolate, it’s a great distance away from any neighboring continents. If you want to reach the next closest continent you have to travel more than 1,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean!

Fiji’s small population size and its distance from other continents, keeps the country free of intrusive industry, acid rain, pesticide and detergents. Located in the South Pacific Convergence Zone, Fiji receives more than 3,000 mm of rain on average every year. Throughout the year Fiji’s temperature is pleasant and consistent, because Fiji is right on the equator. This tropical, warm weather keeps the islands of Fiji green all year long.

All over the world, Fiji is recognized as a tropical island paradise. But to those that have visited, it’s not just the beautiful terrain that makes this place special. It is the smiling, generous and relaxed people that stand out. This is the true beauty of Fiji, and the secret to a life of real luxury.

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