Request Kai-Viti Where You Shop

Want to see Kai-Viti on the shelves of a store in your neighborhood? We do too! You can help us make that happen.

Why Do We Need You?

As a new brand, getting onto the shelves of the stores where our customers shop is not easy. Enormous roadblocks exist, which benefit large, national brands with deep pockets. However, if we can demonstrate significant customer interest in our product, these roadblocks can quickly disappear and we can get Kai-Viti on a store shelf near you!

Flex Your Muscles!

We believe that we can turn the existing system upside down by empowering Ka-Viti Water enthusiasts to request our product be sold on the shelves where they shop.

If you like our product and what our company is about (and how could you not?!), please support us by "demanding" Kai-Viti Water at the places you shop.

Fill out this form and tell us where you shop-we'll take this to the stores and show them that their customers want Kai-Viti Water in their stores. Please include all of the types of stores that you would like to see our water (grocery stores, convenience stores, club stores, health-food stores, etc.).

Finally, share with your friends that you have helped get Kai-Viti Water in stores, with the hope that they will do the same! There’s a button right here to make that real easy for you.

Thanks! We love you back.

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